ChartLogix PHP graph classes combine ease of use with high-quality graphics.
Bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs.
Full customisation of layouts, fonts, colour schemes and visual effects.
Minimal installation requirements, so you can be up and running in minutes!
Full online documentation and support.
Chart Design Studio
To speed up the process of customising the look & feel of your charts you can use our online chart design studio to generate the PHP code.
Try out different colours, fonts, layouts and pie styles.
Try out different colours, fonts, layouts and bar styles.
Try out different colours, fonts, layouts and line styles.
Documentation & Examples
The ChartLogix classes are simple and flexible, and a complete online reference is provided, with plenty of examples.
Installation, examples and detailed reference.
Function reference and examples.
Function reference and examples.

Chart Types

  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Graph
  • Line Graph

Bar and Line Graphs can be overlayed.

Easy to draw graphs of data from may sources, including MySQL databases & XML feeds.


  • Outputs JPG and PNG images to file or straight over HTTP to a web browser
  • Supports TTF fonts
  • Better quality graphics than GD2 - ChartLogix uses it's own high-quality graphics functions

Requires only PHP4+ and GD2 which are standard on any LAMP/WAMP server.

So Easy!

  • Quick to install - just add one self-contained PHP file to include in your website
  • Package comes with plenty of examples to get you started
  • The ChartLogix classes are designed to be simple to use, and there is full documentation available online
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