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ChartLogix PHP Charting Features

Need to show charts in your PHP Web site or Web application?
ChartLogix is designed to give you an easy way to draw charts, without a large learning curve - it only takes a few lines of code to draw a standard graph.
You'll see your chart straight away, and from there you can customise the style and layout.
We provide complete online documentation and an interactive chart designer which will even create the PHP for you!

Chart types

  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Graph
  • Line Graph
  • Mixed Bar and Line Graph
  • Bar & Line Graphs

    These graphs can be overlayed onto the same image.
  • Multiple series of bars on same graph - either stacked or side-by side
  • Automatic y-axis scaling and labeling
  • A variety of shading options
  • Versatile font, layout and sizing options
  • Automatic legend creation
  • Pie Charts

  • A variety of shading options
  • Versatile font, layout and sizing options
  • Automatic legend creation
  • Easy to install and use

  • Easy to install - all classes packaged into one PHP script which you can put anywhere on your Web site
  • Easy to use - be creating great looking charts in minutes!
  • No reliance on browser plugins such as Macromedia Flash or ActiveX objects
  • Full online documentation and examples
  • Flexible customisation

    The ChartLogix classes allow you to create charts with minimal work if you are happy with the default colour scheme and layout, however it is easy to customise the graphics.
  • Customise layout of image
  • Customise colour schemes & fonts
  • Tweak the spacing between the elements of the image if required
  • Interactive Designer to help speed up the process
  • High quality graphics

    ChartLogix relies on the gd2 library (built in to PHP 4+) for drawing images but adds considerably to the quality of gd2's output by implementing it's own high-quality antialiasing and shading.
  • Pixel-perfect antialiasing
  • Gradients & shading
  • Truetype font support
  • PNG/JPEG Output to Web browser or file
  • Next Steps

    See how easy it is to customise your charts with our online Chart Designer
    Browse the ChartLogix online documentation
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